It is Fun to Run

I have an exceptionally well-tuned sense of direction, whatever problems with existential disorientation I may experience.  When visiting a new place, I try to go for a run in order to get my bearings.  I have explored out-of-the-way neighborhoods this way, and discovered sights I wouldn’t have otherwise have known to include on the family tour agenda.

On Saipan, it is pretty much impossible to get lost while out for a run.  There are other extra fun challenges, though: it is approximately one million percent humidity even on the mildest day of the year, and around 80 to 90 degrees F (26°C to 32°C) average. The chances of getting caught in one of the frequent tropical showers are extremely high, and even without that risk, the chances of having to wring out your socks afterwards are full-money-back-guaranteed.

You can’t beat the scenery, though…

Beach Road jogging path, at the edge of the lagoon
American Memorial Park (it is shaded and flat here, win-win!)

There’s something about being on a tiny sliver of land, surrounded by the largest ocean on Earth, that reminds you that we are on a primarily blue planet.

So, since we land animals have legs, I like to keep them moving.


Some other favorite places to go running (psst, here’s a hint: trails and more trails):

Southwest desert trail
San Fran trail, by the ocean
more Southwestern desert trails…

The general rule seems to be that as long as there are no traffic lights, I am happy.


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