Saipan as weekend destination

The main industry on the island is Tourism.  Folks from Japan, Korea, China and Russia will pop over for a short trip, to get out of the cold.  Or to escape the pressures of urban life, if only for a few days.


It is really perfectly located for a little getaway from those departure points, and only 1 hour timezone difference from both Seoul and Japan.




As a result there are plenty of vacation-friendly choices on Saipan: resorts with full-service spas, golf courses, water sport businesses (scuba diving is especially popular but so are paddleboarding and parasailing for those who may not be as strong swimmers), jungle ATV tours, beachfront chapels for destination weddings, etc.



Having visited both Seoul and Tokyo, I am much more aware of how precious the time away from crowds & subways is for Saipan tourists.  Make the most of it, you guys!


2 thoughts on “Saipan as weekend destination

  1. Hi Claire, Thinking of you as you head to Seattle and then on to Saipan! I hope you can connect with the friends you made before. Love, Aunt Mary Lou >

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  2. Thanks, Mary Lou! Saipan is a very transitional place. Lots of folks we knew before will still be there, but many won’t (sniff). We are looking forward to going back…We leave in less than 48 hrs!


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