The Year We Tried to Quit Traveling (but couldn’t)

During the academic year of 2014-2015, we moved to Saipan so that we could a) experience a new part of the U.S. we had never been to before, and b) travel.

Besides the discoveries around our little sliver of tropical paradise, we also took three long trips off the island to go see parts of Thailand, Myanmar, S. Korea and Japan. Beforehand, we planned extensively for each of these visits and incorporated our on-site learning into the kids’ educational curriculum.

The following year we returned to our home and community in New Mexico, planning to take a bit of a “travel break.”  We were going to sit still.  We were going to stop moving around for awhile.  Here’s a brief summary of the 10 months (less than a year!) we landed back on the Mainland, in photos:

Japan to Seattle to North Carolina.  Then back to Seattle:

(photo credit goes to my MIL)



Weekend in Durango, CO










Labor Day in Santa Fe, NM


Vegas for a work trip,

(paddleboarding is such hard work)

36 hours in San Francisco:




1442864075563 (1)



September hike up in Missoula, MT while there to meet a dear friend’s baby for the first time:


San Diego + Vegas trip for my husband [no photos to show for it], then a Christmas holiday trip to North Carolina for the whole fam in December:

85 degrees in December is just fine with us

Several different sports/science fair trips in the winter within state.  One for the Rock n’Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix for me.


(Sadly, our road tripping days are on hold, while living on this 4 x 12 mile island…)

Feb. trip to Italy: anniversary celebration, thanks to sky Miles—wootwoot!



India trip for Jer, with stopover in Dubai.

Yeah, India is great, isn’t it?

NYC trip for me.



Girls’ Weekend in Albuquerque with the kids:



And then the month of June showed up and we moved back across the ocean. But first, my husband drove our car to the port in L.A., we flew to Seattle from New Mexico by way of Atlanta (phew), and then did the Pacific crossing again.

No wonder July–and a long time afterwards–seems like a good time to just sit still for awhile. With hundreds (thousands) of miles of ocean surrounding us, that is what is on the docket anyway.

So, what should we do now…Night swim, anyone?


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