Convenience and comfort in Korea…and especially toilets

Seoul is an extremely traveler-friendly city. There are enough English-language signs so that non-Hangul readers can figure out where they need to go, or how to get there. There are multi-lingual tourist information agents in red vests whose job it is to stand, or stroll, in popular visiting spots and answer questions. Sometimes they are in red booths, armed with maps and other useful tools. And if you cannot locate an actual person who can guide you to where you want to go, there is a hotline you can call which provides, in addition to regular guidance information, interpretation services over the phone!

Most subway stations have bike ramps, elevators, and even restroom facilities.  Some even have information booths and nursing rooms!  Talk about a family-friendly city.

Psst, all U.S. cities with subways: it’s time to up your game…

Check it out: a separate stair-free restroom for the disabled!  It’s like they thought of everything.

It is too small to read on the photo, but on the door it says, “For the transportation vulnerable”

The cat cafe we visited one day provided this helpful visual reminder:

Well, I hate to see a cat cry, so I promise to try not to

The train ride back to the airport provided one more opportunity to contemplate the amount of consideration and planning that sometimes goes into restroom comfort in Korea. (Like the floral decals that are meant to help set a…garden mood, perhaps?)

Once the door was locked, the music started up.  It was “What Child Is This?” in harpsichord.


Toilet-seat philosophy

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