Places We Have Been

This is not a round-the-world blog (those are cool, though, and I have links to several personal favorites in the sidebars), nor even strictly a travel blog, though we travel plenty. Probably, we are more in the “global living” blog genre.

Our family’s style, so far, is to go somewhere and stay for awhile–at least for a few months, if not a couple of years.  Why pay airfare for five people for a shorter trip when you can take a job there, stick around for awhile and convert “travel” expenses into “living” expenses?  This is my husband’s philosophy, and since I am a cheapwad bargain hunter by nature, it suits me fine.

The result is that between school, professional training, and general wanderlust (usually subsidized by on-site employment), we’ve ended up living in a number of places, as a family.


Places We Have Lived, as a Family:

Chicago, IL

July 5, 2003

Calcutta, India



Gallup, NM

(a few miles off the Navajo Nation)


004 (1)

San Diego, CA

(photo taken from a med-evac helicopter in which my husband did part of his medical training)

Saipan, CNMI (USA)


Denver, CO

Grammie 025

Brooklyn, NY

East River State Park, Williamsburg (Brooklyn)
NYC Marathon, 2010

Seattle, WA area


And here are some other spots we have visited:



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